FREE Easter Printables


It’s hard to believe that Easter is just days away…could be the 35 degree weather still greeting me every morning…grr. Since mother nature isn’t cooperating I thought I would add a little sunshine and happiness into your day with some FREE Easter Printables! YAY for FREE! I created this sweet little bunny set to help celebrate another amazing Party Girl, Birds Party, reaching 30,000 facebook friends and am so happy to share them with you today!   You will find fill {Read More}

Cupcake Wars Birthday Party

jordanscupcakewarsparty 032 copy

Soooo I’m finally getting around to sharing my daughters 10th birthday party. Her birthday is the end of January so as you can imagine it’s a little difficult finding something you can do that works with the weather and is budget friendly since we’re all tapped out after the Holidays! We LOVE to watch The Food Networks show “Cupcake Wars”. One night about 6 months before her birthday we were watching an episode and decided it would be a blast {Read More}

The party girl formerly knows as The Party Bakery


I figured if Prince can rock a name change….so can I…right? In order to broaden the horizons of The Party Bakery and be able to have a business that can expand to meet all of the wonderful creative ideas floating around in this little brain I have decided to undertake a name change and a rebranding. So very excited about the possibilities this opens up! drum roll please…..I am please to announce   Thanks so much for your support so {Read More}

I Print and Ship..You Trim and Create!

DSCF8648 copy

When I first started designing party ware about a year ago I thought that printable was the way to go! That’s what some of the most successful business were doing right? What  I have found over the first year in business is that most of my business comes from moms, dads and grandma’s who love the idea of a custom party but HATE the cost and time associated with a printable party package. Most people do not have a steady {Read More}

Trick or Treat Parties

Scare up the perfect Halloween Celebration!


A Gift from the HEART!


Last Sunday morning started as most Sunday mornings in our house. We woke up with barely anytime to get ourselves dressed and fed and make it to church on time. I was rushing to get the kids into their Sunday school classes so I wouldn’t miss worship and I heard my name being called from across the hall. Honestly it’s one of those moments when you debate “do I pretend I didn’t hear them and just whisk the kids into {Read More}

Sweet Treats Valentines Table…without breaking the bank!


I LOVE Valentines Day!! It’s one of my favorite Holiday’s…well ok..I say that about almost all of them, but I love a holiday that’s main purpose is to celebrate the ones we love! I mean really…how cool is that! Not to mention how stinking adorable everything for Valentines Day is. Pink, Red, Hearts, Polka Dots, Chocolate, Flowers, Adorable plush animals, I mean really…what’s not to love! Valentines Day is not just for couples either…there are lots of people in your {Read More}