Good to Meet You

A little bit about me

I am a born and raised Pennsylvania girl who transplanted to Nasvhille as a sophmore in college. I met and married my husband Dean, an Ohio native, and never left! We currently live in Murfreesboro, TN with our 3 amazing children and 2 dogs. I have always loved photography and photographs. I can still remember gathering at my Aunts house to watch the film reels of our families adventures togethers and how much I loved the feel of being able to relieve the past like that..how an image could make you feel that moment and remember every detail..the wonder of seeing the sweet smile and hearing the sweet laughter of a loved one who had passed on. One of my favorite possesions is my parents wedding album. There is just something about being able to touch an image, to hold it in you hand, to be able to study it and know everything about it. It is comforting, it ties you to your heritage...it is something that we have lost as a digital generation. One of my passions and purposes as a photographer is to help you create those family legacies that will be passed on through the generations that helps tell Your Story! I want to capture everything about this special time in your life and preserve it for you!  

I Believe…

Life is Sweet

Everyday is a Gift from God and an opportunity to Glorify him

The best memories are made when your not expecting them

Everyone has something incredible to offer

Chocolate  and potato chips are necessities

Be kind to everyone! Everyone has a story…

Hugs from your children are magic

Everyone should spend some time with a teenager

Nothing is better than Hot Chocolate on a cold day

Going for milkshakes as often as possible during the summer

Don’t sweat the small stuff

Pick your battles

It is an honor to be asked to capture peoples special moments

It is an honor to create something beautiful to help people celebrate their special moments

Big or Small we should celebrate it all!


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