Cupcake Wars Birthday Party

Soooo I’m finally getting around to sharing my daughters 10th birthday party. Her birthday is the end of January so as you can imagine it’s a little difficult finding something you can do that works with the weather and is budget friendly since we’re all tapped out after the Holidays!

We LOVE to watch The Food Networks show “Cupcake Wars”. One night about 6 months before her birthday we were watching an episode and decided it would be a blast to have a Cupcake Wars party! Even though we had the idea 6 months prior I was still working under a rush situation trying to pull it together quick because the holidays not only sucked up all of  our  money but also all of my time…lol!

Once I came up with the design for the invitations everything fell into place.


The girls arrived and gathered in the living room to eat some pizza and watch an episode of Cupcake Wars before we got started with the competition. The idea was to put the girls on 2 separate teams. Their task was to bake 24 cupcakes using their choice of 3 different cupcake flavors. We gave them an added challenge of having to incorporate one of the items from the party “Pantry”. Those items were gummy worms, Pixie Sticks, crushed Oreos  and Smarties.  It was so much fun to stand back and watch them work in their teams coming up with their unique flavor combinations. They each had a custom apron waiting for them. These were a little time consuming but so inexpensive to make using a store bought white apron and embellishing it with fabric ruffles and a heat transfer.

jordanscupcakewarsparty 081jordanscupcakewarsparty 032 copyjordanscupcakewarsparty 044 copyjordanscupcakewarsparty 065 copy  jordanscupcakewarsparty 083 copyjordanscupcakewarsparty 087 copyjordanscupcakewarsparty 088 copyjordanscupcakewarsparty 109 copy

While the cupcakes were baking and cooling the girls starting working on their cupcake display stand. We provided them with unfolded pizza boxes, empty toilet paper rolls, construction paper, ribbon, string, tape…etc. They were allowed to use anything in the “supply bucket” to construct their display.

jordanscupcakewarsparty 105Once the displays were built it was time to icing and decorate the cupcakes and get ready to present to the judges. Each team was judge on taste, appareance and display. Each team presented their 3 different decorated cupcakes and gave us their pitch! 🙂

High stakes were on the line…the winning cupcake display would be used as my daughters birthday cake!

jordanscupcakewarsparty 116jordanscupcakewarsparty 118  jordanscupcakewarsparty 121 copyjordanscupcakewarsparty 131 copy  jordanscupcakewarsparty 134 copyjordanscupcakewarsparty 139 copy

The girls had a blast with this party and immediately asked if we could do this every year…lol. I’m seeing a fun tradition of an annual cupcake wars party! How fun would that be to go back and have pictures of them each year and see how their cupcakes and display change over the years as they get older!

This was a super budget friendly party and easy to host! You can purchase the invitations and all of the paper accessories in my Etsy shop.

Stay Sweet! 🙂