Senior Model Team Winterberry Snow Session

The most magical thing happened last weekend here in Tennessee it SNOWED…it really snowed!!  Usually when it snows here in Nashville we will get a dusting or maybe an inch and it usually only last half a day or one day at best!

When your a kid and it snows you build snowmen and go sledding, when your a teacher and it snows (my husband) you get very excited about a day off of work, and when your a photographer and it snows you quick throw together an impromptu photo shoot with someone…anyone…that you can get to come!! lol

I sent a message out to my senior model team to see if any of them may be interested and to my surprise they were all available and super excited about a snow session! Luckily I had already been planning a winterberry themed shoot and had a basic idea of what I wanted to do.

Luckily the sun came out for our shoot day which helped to warm up the temperatures slightly although the sun reflecting off of a blanket of white snow into your models eyes…yikes!! lol.

We had frozen toes and one of my girls even remarked that she hoped she wasn’t going to loose her toes (hmm…should have had them sign a waver perhaps lol) but it was SO WORTH IT!!  I am forever in love with shooting in the snow!! So magical!

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By the way…the day before the shoot I ran into Michaels to pick up the supplies to make a few quick berry crowns for the girls and I swung into Altared State to check out their winter clearance and found the most amazing over the top fuzzy/fur coat!!! It was champagne pink, long and over the top but I thought it might be super cool for this session. It was $20 so that was a no brainer!!!! I love a good bargain!! Let me just tell you…when those girl put that coat on it was instant attitude change. They felt confident, playful and fierce! was awesome and resulted in some great shots!

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